Cherry Lane Carriageway Reconstruction

Cherry Lane is a busy country road connecting the busy Lymn Services roundabout to Lymn village. This popular 2 mile ‘cut-through’ reduces the lengthy 5 mile journey option available via alternative routes and passes through stunning farmland.

This road was in a complete state of disrepair, with numerous pot holes and rotting upper surface.

We were instructed to make the road safe again, repair all the potholes and make-good the entire surface. This was achieved by utilising an incredibly effective technique known as HRA – Hot Road Asphalt.

Hot Road Asphalt involves laying a roll of asphalt, followed by a layer of chippings, followed by heavy rollering to embed the chippings in.

Hot rolled asphalt has been used in the UK for nearly 100 years and is the most common surface on the country’s road network. With high polishedstone- value pre-coated chippings applied, this gives it superb grip and it has helped to make the UK network the safest in the EU.

The process involved major traffic management input, with sectional closures and diversionary routes to ensure minimum disruption.

Once underway, the job threw up a number of opportunities to improve safety further, in particular the opportunity to widen the road surface by a meter, by clearing vegetation and undergrowth. The Project Manger liaised closey with local farmers to ensure the clearance complied with their requirements and the road successfully widened back to its original size.

Unusually, as the road cuts through mainly farmland, there is no direct pipe drainage, meaning rain tended to run off the road and soak in wherever it landed.

As the road is lined by a number of prestigious properties, the team used their initiative and made good all entrances to residences by creating special kerbs to avoid flooding.

Even with the various challenges presented by this project, the works were completed on time, on budget and on brief.
Project Title
Cherry Lane Carriageway  Reconstruction


Twelve Weeks

June - August 2009

Project Manager
Chris McCloughlin

Warrington Borough Council

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