Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

DowFoam is a foam bitumen product made from excavated highway materials by Dowhigh Ltd at their local recycling depot on Merseyside. Production and application of the material is rigorously controlled under Dowhigh's Quality System and independently checked for compliance against current standards.

The material is a 'cold lay' product and is produced in two formats - one for carriageway use and one for footway use. The carriageway product attains the same strength and durability characteristics as DBM 50 and is suitable for use in road-base and / or binder course in any highway environment, including motorway. The footway product has similar 'final' strength performance but, being made with lime rather than cement, can be stored for up to 10 days prior to use.

Both materials comply fully with current standards whilst significantly reducing CO2 emissions, transport miles, use of new raw materials and landfill charges.

Both materials are 'locally' produced and competitively priced.

An Introduction to DowFoam – A Product by Dowhigh Ltd

Dowfoam from Living Media on Vimeo.

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