Dowfoam – Our own foamed bitumen product

Dowfoam is our bespoke version of a stabilised, foamed bitumen material. It is the most economic and resourceful way of utilising recycled aggregates for road and pathway construction.

Foamed bitumen stabilised material, internationally known as foamix, can be used to replace traditional hot mix asphalt products for use as base and/or binder course layers. The product contains up to 90% recycled aggregates, generally won from cold milling the existing carriageway, which are then processed through a special batching plant to produce a cold lay asphalt. The unique process produces a strong, durable material that reduces the carbon footprint for any surfacing works. Our foamed bitumen product is called Dowfoam.

Dowfoam – The Facts:
• No expensive plant to lay or insulated vehicles required to maintain temperatures

• Quick and easy to lay, less dense as hot mix which can give material savings

• Can be trafficked immediately and overlaid immediately without the need for tack coat

• Uses recycled and/or marginal aggregates, which saves on waste and saves valuable natural resources

• Energy efficient manufacture which saves on CO2 emissions

• ISO9001 quality controlled process

Our Recycling Credentials
As part of our commitment to both best value and the protection of our natural resources, we have invested significant resources into the growth and development of our recycling capabilities.

This investment in research, equipment and industry leading personnel means we are now recognised as one of the regions foremost road recycling contractors.

We can now provide a complete surfacing service along with additional planning, crushing, screening and laying options, as and when a project demands. Our best value approach means we can work effectively to any brief, as well as offering bespoke design input if required.

Production Plant
Having invested in our own state-of-the-art recycling facilities, we are now able to recycle 100% of our site waste into new, useable and cost-efficient DOWFOAM.

Our plant provision allows us greater control of the whole process along with a greater degree of autonomy to develop innovative processes; ultimately resulting in a better service, at a better price for clients.

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