Our commitment to the environment

Waste Disposal
Wherever possible recyclable waste is returned to approved companies for recycling.


It is company policy to ensure that its’ vehicles are maintained in good running order.

Legislation and Regulations
All applicable legislation and regulations are adhered to at all times and it is company policy to keep up to date and implement the requirements of all new environmental legislation.

Management Responsibilities
The Managing Director and managers are responsible, both individually and collectively for communicating to all employees the environmental needs of the company and for enacting the environmental policy of the company.

Top Soil, Sub-soil and Hardcore
These are separated when removed and are carefully re-used in the correct location wherever possible.

Working as it does in the open countryside, the company endeavours to reduce disruption to flora and fauna to a minimum, putting back disturbed ground to the original state as far as is practical. It will always work within the environmental law and specified guidelines and will aim always to better the minimum legal requirements.

Local Requirements
It is the aim of the company, irrespective of any regulations or legislation to be a good neighbour and, while undertaking its service, to reduce to an absolute minimum any environmental pollution to other companies working on the same or adjacent sites.

Review of Environmental Policy, Objectives and Targets
Dowhigh Group have a number of environmental objectives that are publicised to staff, customers and the public. These targets are set and regularly reviewed by means of its environmental auditing, non-conformance control and management review processes.

This Environmental Policy is published on the Dowhigh Group website, is enclosed within the induction booklet and is also submitted with our advertising literature.

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