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Saving landfill, Saving costs, Saving LIVES

An alternative solution for materials destined for landfill is set to help save lives across Merseyside.

Saving landfill, Saving costs, Saving LIVES

An alternative solution for materials destined for landfill is set to help save lives across Merseyside.

Following an enquiry from Parish Cllr Frances Woodridge, Capita Symonds and highway maintenance contractors Dowhigh have co-ordinated the delivery of unwanted reinforced concrete blocks to the Mersey Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) in Bootle.

Parish Cllr Frances Wooldridge said she was bemused when her son, who works for the special rescue team, first asked if she had any surplus concrete to hand. He went on to explain that this is to help the team create practice disaster scenarios for rescue operations. With this serious need in mind, Cllr Woodridge contacted the Highway Services team of Capita Symonds Sefton.

Dowhigh, kindly made the delivery of the reinforced concrete free of charge to MFRS and have kindly pledged to continue doing so. Director of Dowhigh Trevor Murray said \"I am thrilled to see that such a practical use can be found for an otherwise obsolete by-product. Our fire and rescue services do an outstanding job; it\'s only right that they are given every resource they need to continue doing so.\"

Over 95% of unwanted materials from road improvements, such as concrete, are recycled at Dowhigh\'s Hawthorne Road site and applied to road repairs. However the concrete slabs delivered to the MFRS had reinforcement bars and would have been otherwise destined for landfill.

Dan Stephens, Assistant Chief Fire Officer at MFRS said \"By providing our Urban Search and Rescue Team with concrete slabs Capita Symonds and Dowhigh are significantly enhancing our collapsed structure training facility. It is particularly difficult for us to locate this type of material so we are very grateful indeed to Capita Symonds and Dowhigh for assisting us. We think this is a really community spirited action by both Capita Symonds and Dowhigh.\"

\"The reinforced concrete is added to the rubble pile and collapsed structure training rig which contains various hides for our live victims. The Search and Rescue Team and search dogs carry out searches on the rig to locate live victims (played by trained Firefighters!). Once they are located the Team access the live victims by breaching through the concrete slabs using power tools. This type of training is as realistic as it gets and our team need to train regularly to ensure they stay on top of their game\".

Parish Councillor Frances Woodridge stated that she is uplifted to have witnessed such this type of practical collaboration between local organisations. She said \"It\'s lovely that people work together with the fire and special rescue service. I have every confidence that this will help save lives in the long term.\" Capita Symonds work in partnership with Sefton Council to deliver Highways, Infrastructure and Property services throughout Sefton.

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