A modern aproach with 'old school' foundations

Experience, passion and ‘can-do’ attitude -the cornerstones of our approach at Dowhigh.

Both our Board of Directors and our Senior Management Team boast a wide range of experience spanning every aspect of construction infrastructure. Vast industry knowledge and an approach which offers clients modern, innovative thinking, backed by real ‘old school’ values, means our Senior Management team represents one of the finest in the industry.

Team Dowhigh

Dominick Murray
Managing Director
With close to 60 years experience, 50 at a senior level, within construction and civil engineering, Dominick enjoys an outstanding reputation within the industry.
Still very much an innovator, this ‘hands-on’ MD is still shaping our business on a day-to-day basis.

Trevor Murray
Detail driven, with an eye for new opportunities, Trevor is the driving force behind our day-to-day operations.

An experienced contractor and people manager, he has been responsible for the development of our recycling and foamix credentials, along with ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of sustainable contracting.

His qualifications are both broad and impressive, boasting a range of Health, Safety and Quality control credentials, all of which have helped create an ‘obsessive’ passion for detail and best value.

Peter Allard
Our business development expert, Peter is responsible for business procurement via tenders, select lists and client consultation.

His network of contacts reads like a ‘who’s who’ in civil engineering circles, and his personality driven approach has won friends across the industry.

A true finisher, Peter is also responsible for our Quality Assurance and Health and Safety

Michael Murray
With over 26 years experience, Michael has acquired knowledge from both sides of the fence; not only as a lead contractor, but also experience gained at a senior level within Local Authority Highways works.

His drive, passion and authoritative style, means he is the ideal choice to manage the ‘Partnership Approach’ to this contract. From daily briefings, to hands-on, ad hoc site visits, Michael will ensure the contract runs, smoothly, safely and efficiently at all times.

Brian Morrey
Brian has over 20 years experience in the civil engineering industry, 15 of which have been with Dowhigh.

Throughout his time with us, he has consistently displayed a ‘can-do’ attitude, which has seen him progress rapidly through the ranks, from Site Engineer, to Project Manager and more recently a much-valued member of the Board of Directors.

His informed and friendly approach has allowed him to forge superb working relationships at all levels, both within the company and with our clients.

A detail fanatic, his focus is on helping clients achieve their key objectives by ensuring high quality, best value service delivery at all times. We recognise that people are our most valuable asset. It is only through their ongoing effort and commitment that we are able to maintain a competitive market position.

Our heritage as a ‘family’ run organisation has allowed us to develop a retention record that is the envy of the industry.

With attrition at less than 4%, our loyal, local workforce are the very cornerstone of what we do. Our core business is concentrated in and around our North West head office.

However, we never stand still.

As we continue to grow, then so should our talent base. Working alongside our specialist HR Consultants, we have devised a local workforce development strategy, which helps support our commitment to recruiting the best the local market has to offer, as well as helping us promote a positive image surrounding careers within construction.

Also, we see our commitment to attract, develop and retain local talent as a central component of our Social Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability strategies.

Attracting Locally
A strong network of local industry contacts, strategic use of local recruitment media and key education partnerships ensure we are both informed and pro-active when it comes to identifying and maximising local labour channels.

Developing Locally
From practical support for those seeking to pursue a career in construction to on-site skills development, work placements and in-house management training; our robust training policy ensures we are ahead of the game when it comes to ‘growing our own’ local skill base.

Retaining Locally
Although we place a high priority on attracting quality people, we place an even greater emphasis on retaining them by providing competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a safe, rewarding working environment. Our ethos surrounds the belief that employment with Dowhigh is not ‘just a job’ but a rewarding career for life.

“We support the use of local labour wherever feasible. We are committed to improving the local community, helping address skills shortages and assist people in finding meaningful employment.”
Dominick Murray
Managing Director

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