Dowhigh - About Us

Dedicated to delivering best value solutions to our customers

Founded in 1975 by our late MD Dominick Murray, Dowhigh Limited has grown to become one of the largest independent Public Works companies in the region.

Why Choose Dowhigh?

As a significant force within the North West construction industry, we offer a wide range of highway infrastructure and civil engineering specialities undertaken through a combination of our skills and experience.

We can undertake complex, intricate and technically demanding projects and have a dedicated customer liaison team who will manage expectations and communication.

The core of our success is based on our ability to understand our clients’ requirements. Our project management teams have the qualifications, experience and knowledge to deliver expectations with the added value of local labour, supply chain and sustainable employment opportunities coupled with apprenticeships and upskilling of existing employees.


Quality Ownership and right first time.

Our overriding quality objective is to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with the civil engineering, construction work and service provided by Dowhigh, and that we exceed their requirements and expectations for quality and performance.

Everyone within the business is committed to continual improvement and a delighted customer.

This is achieved through the operation of a formal Quality Management System; ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015, NHSS 16 Laying of Asphalt mixes, BS OHSAS 18001 2007 SSIP.

The deployment of trained and experienced staff and an approved supply chain with daily ownership of quality by employed staff are audited and inspected by Supervisors and Managers.

Dowhigh has a culture of continual improvement, attention to detail and a right first time approach. Our team of Directors will ensure throughout that adequate resources and facilities are provided to manage supply chain quality throughout the business.

This unique mix of ‘hands-on’ professional management and strong leadership, combined with our ongoing commitment to innovation and best value has helped us to develop an impressive portfolio of clients.

At present we are serving the needs of over twenty Local Authorities from across the North West.

Our Team

Dowhigh Limited only employs competent engineers to assure quality and best output for each projects. Our team of engineers work hard together to provide each of our trusted partners and clients the best output that no other engineering companies can offer.

As we continue to grow then so does our talent base. Working alongside our specialist HR consultants, we have devised a local workforce development strategy which helps support our commitment to recruiting the best the local market has to offer, as well as helping us promote a positive image surrounding careers within construction.

We see our commitment to attract, develop and retain local talent as a central component of our Social Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability strategies.


Why Work With Us?

Our in-house civil engineering and construction division has a wealth of expertise in planning and delivering highway construction work in urban and city centre locations. We have a reputation within the industry for completing projects on time, on budget, and with the minimum amount of disruption to residents and businesses.

Our commitment to the environment and making the best use of resources has encouraged the development of a unique process - recycling existing materials to use as foam mix sub-base along with the other recycled aggregates where possible. This provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate to clients our commitment to 100% recycling / re-use of inert materials arising from infrastructure Projects.

With vast experience in planning complex traffic management arrangements, our public liaison team ensure minimal disruption to the travelling public during highway construction projects. Our commitment to quality and service means we can offer a bespoke solution for complex schemes. Our expertise in the construction of complex, multi-disciplinary highway and infrastructure construction works including site clearance, earthworks, drainage and ducting, highways, kerbing and footways, fencing, road restraint systems, signs and markings, utility diversions, street lighting, brickwork, blockwork and stonework, landscaping and structures.

Why Our Business is Unique

Our commitment to the environment, along with our aim to provide sustainable, best value solutions, has put recycling at the very heart of all we do. Our recycling activities fall into two distinct categories:

  • Having invested in our state-of-the-art recycling facilities, we are now able to send all waste products originating from our site works to be recycled. These materials include concrete kerbs, edgings, paving slabs and waste bulk concrete and bituminous products. These materials are then screened and crushed in our mobile crushing plant to produce certificated MOT Type 1 stone sub-base, which is then re-used as fill material for our footway and carriageway operations.
  • Secondly, we operate a mobile foam-mix plant, which converts waste from our carriageways surfacing and construction contracts and converts the material, with a cement and foamed bitumen additive, into a re-usable road and footway base and binder course.

Overcoming the challenges of Tar bound plannings

Already in the North West we have brought to the fore a solution for dealing with tar bound planings. Previously tar bound plannings is at risk of costing thousands in authorised disposal. Dowhigh has provided an innovative solution to the in-situ re-use of tar bound plannings. These can be reprocessed ex-situ and re-laid in the same location as a recycled base or binder course. This saves both the cost of disposal and reduces the cost of the incoming new material providing quantitative savings to the Council in addition to carbon savings. This is a home-grown innovation from one of North West’s foremost highway construction and surfacing providers.


Customer Liason

Dowhigh’s exciting new approach to customer and stakeholder liaison has created a paradigm shift in both quality delivery and customer perception in planning, liaison, communication and delivery of our Highway Services. This extends to improving the experience for customer engagement, feedback and improvement in the delivery of projects.

The creation of a customer liaison team allows us to manage the political, business and public expectations for the business, whilst also offering community engagement and outreach.

For the purposes of community engagement and public relations, Dowhigh recognises the need to provide communication and inclusion at a number of levels to facilitate the smooth delivery of projects and to provide a high level of customer information and satisfaction.

Our joint approach to communication exists on three levels

  1. Communication with the Client
  2. Communication with Councillors, Neighbourhoods and local Groups
  3. Communicating with Residents and Businesses