For many families and people in the local community, Christmas can be a challenge. Whether you are a single person, an older person or a family struggling to make ends meet, what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year can sometimes be a real struggle.

And it’s for these reasons that Dowhigh have been playing our part in helping our local schools and communities in spreading a little joy this Christmas time. Partnering with the L30 Community Centre we’ve been helping with the following donations:

Christmas Fare, Stalls & Grotto – we provided a range of books and toys to be provided as gifts for the children, along with a polaroid camera so either child could have their picture taken with Santa.

Breakfast with Santa – To help with this great morning, we provided a range of cereals for the children.

Afternoon Team – aimed at the older people in the community, we donated £100 to help support the purchase of the necessary items to make this event a success.

Santa’s Sledge – We provided Haribo tubs to be given out to those kind people who made donations on the nights the Sledge was around the Netherton area.

Adult Bingo – the L30 held an adult bingo for the community, and we provided a variety of prizes including wine, spirits and body gift sets.

The L30 Community Centre play a positive role around the Netherton area and everyone at Dowhigh applauds and congratulates them and we’re glad to support you! Happy Christmas and a very peaceful New Year to everyone!