We have undertaken various aspects of drainage from the installation of 1m diameter concrete pipe at 6m deep to 150mm diameter clay pipe branch connecting a new gully pot. Various projects include:

  • Kitchen Street, Liverpool City – A diversion of the main sewer line to accommodate a new building
  • Formby Bypass, Sefton – The renewal of a section of surface water sewer
  • Kingsway, Sefton – The renewal of a surface water sewer
  • Pool Lane, Bromborough – The installation of both a surface water and foul sewer
  • St. Helens Cemetery including – A diversion of the existing sewer and the addition of attenuation tanks to assist with the surface water outlet already running to full capacity
  • Vauxhall Road, Liverpool City – Deep (6m) back drop connections to existing sewers to accommodate new surface water drainage
  • Hawthorne Road, Sefton – Recycling yard required an interceptor tank to be inserted within the existing surface water drain, to prevent any solids or oils entering the surface water outlet

Dowhigh have also performed investigatory ‘dig downs’ to determine possible failure of the highway ie large carriageway collapses. These investigative works have found various causes including, sewer failure, blockages, poor installation of the original pipework and sometimes poor working practices performed by third parties who have installed other equipment within the highway. (see photos above).

Dowhigh are experienced in drainage installation including using ground freezing, over pumping and dewatering, as well as more traditional methods of construction i.e. trench boxes and steel box frames.

The company have a fully skilled team of operatives who are trained to work within confined spaces and fully conversant in safe working practices and more importantly emergency evacuation should a potentially dangerous occurrence arise.