Good Causes / Charities

One of the most important aspects of our business, and one which the company prides itself on, is its commitment to helping local communities, good causes and charities.

Since we were formed, the business has understood that helping those local organisations in need plays a massive part in our social value contribution – but also plays a massive part in people’s lives.¬†

For over forty years, we’ve played our part in helping a range of good causes and in-need organisations and charities across the North West either by providing funds or gifts or through providing skills, expertise, materials and manpower to make projects become a reality.

  • Bootle Bike Shop
  • Friends of Derby Park
  • Friends of Sefton Park
  • Residents of Knob Hall Lane
  • Kensington Fields Community Association
  • Allerton Scout Group
  • Lark Lane Community Centre
  • St. Oswalds Pensioners Club
  • L30 Community Centre
  • St. Oswalds Food Bank
  • Bobbys’ Wood
  • Sefton Mayor