Abigail Cowie – Dow Foundation Follow Up (12th October 2022)

Abigail Cowie was one of the 2022 Dow Foundation winners. Abigail has applied to a member of the Borneo expedition in 2024 through Camps International – aiming to help construct community facilities and public amenities to improve the life of local people. 

Nothing out of the ordinary about that. 

But what makes Abigail’s expedition special is that she suffers from Autism. 

Abigail had struggled for a long time before being diagnosed with ASC when she was 10 years old.

In her own words “This expedition is extremely important to me because I want to show that being autistic isn’t a barrier to helping others and that I am just as capable as anyone else of anything I set my mind to. 

I felt for a long time that I didn’t fit into this world. I had struggled really really badly with anxieties, depression and self harm. I was diagnosed with ASC when i was 10 yrs old. You get diagnosed then you and your family are left to figure it all out. My Mum fought to get me help and support, also help for me to understand what it meant to me being autistic as i really struggled with that. 

I have had to overcome many battles from teachers not understanding and being bullied, with the support of my family and the move to Formby High and learning more about autism, I know I have so much to give and I can make an impact on the world. 

I do see things differently which I feel is a strength, I am hard working and have high morals. I do understand that I will find this expedition challenging, being pushed way out of my comfort zone but I am so up for this challenge. I am proud of how much i have grown and the young lady i am becoming, I know I will gain many life skills on this adventure that will help with my future. I am autistic, it’s a part of what makes me Abigail – but i am so much more than that.”

So Why Did The Dow Foundation Choose Abigail Cowie For An Award?

The Dow Foundation thought that the proposal for an award from Abigail was unlike any of the others we had received.

Abigail was at the beginning of her funding journey, and this was a project that really meant a lot to her. Struggling with autism can be extremely difficult and we felt that she was extremely focused on achieving her goas, whilst at the same time proving what people with autism can achieve.

Finding funding can be extremely difficult, and the Dow Foundation felt she deserved our support – whilst at the same time helping with Abigail’s health and well-being and support someone who was passionate about helping others and sustainability projects.  

How Much Did The Dow Foundation Award Abigail And What Will It Be Used For?

Abigail was given a donation of £350 towards her goal of £4000 and will be used towards the purchase of essential equipment such as boots, rucksack and daily equipment. 

It was agreed that, when Abigail was in a position to proceed with the purchases (after she had raised the full amount and had a place on the expedition), the equipment will be badged with Dowhigh logos and she would provide us with regular updates with her progress, before and during the expedition.

How Will The Award Benefit Abigail?

As Abigail says in her video, Dowhigh were the first to provide funding towards her expedition. She has been supported by many other people and companies since including friend of Dowhigh Bren Riley of the Southport Comedy Festival. 

We’re hoping that Abigail achieves her goal of reaching £4000 so that she can take part in the expedition, and we’re excited by helping her out further, raising awareness of her fund raising. 

We’ll be keeping in contact with Abigail through her journey, and we wish her all of the very best in her fund raising quest!

Abigail Cowie accepting her donation from directors Michael and Trevor Murray at the Dow Foundation awards

Dow Foundation award to Abigail Cowie