Meet our community champion Peter Timson.

We met Peter today after he received a special warm gift in the form of a Dowhigh logo high vis jacket from one of our Directors Trevor Murray. Trevor has known Peter for some time and had not realised the extent of Peters contribution to his community.

Peter is the eyes and ears of our local community in Netherton, he is out and about keeping our neighbourhood free from litter and using the ‘Fix My Street app’ to highlight to Sefton Borough Council any repairs that he fines whilst picking up litter which he feels requires attention, such as a collapsed drain.

Peter is 72-year-old and keeps fit picking up litter and keeping the community clean and tidy, he provides his own equipment and bin bags and says he has seen a few people doing the same thing.

Satisfaction for Peter is when members of the public recognise his work and what he is trying to achieve. Peter hopes the more people that see him will encourage others not to drop litter and take pride in their community.

Peter is also a member of ‘Sefton Active’ and takes groups of people walking, he also takes part in Nordic walking and can cover quite a distance in all, racking up to 20 miles with all the activities he carries out.

Peter is very selfless and does not court publicity he just enjoys meeting people, keeping fit and the community clean and tidy. So, if you are out and about say hello to Peter and help him by ensuring litter goes in the bin.

We at Dowhigh would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter and those like him for helping to keep our neighbourhood clean and tidy and for being the eyes and ears of our community.

Well done Peter.