Dowhigh Appointed Contractor for Liverpool North

Dowhigh are proud to announce that we have been appointed as contractor for 39 jobs in the Liverpool North region by Liverpool City Council.

A new “data-led” programme completed by the authority divided the city into three distinct areas – North, Central and South – and within each area locations were split into two separate priority criteria, simple and complex.

Simple schemes were ones where only a maintenance intervention is required, with small scope and complexity. These schemes will generally be the ones to be delivered first by the contractors and local communities will be informed in advance.

A complex scheme is one that requires additional interventions and / or design considerations – i.e. ones that could affect travel and changes to traffic regulations. It’s planned that these more complex schemes will be delivered after the simple schemes have been completed, and local communities and key stakeholders will be informed as they progress through design to site.

Using this approach, it’s hoped that the impact will be lessened in a single area at a time – ensuring that longer term schemes already in place don’t clash with newer works.

This new approach has been developed in response to criticism from the Best Value report last year on how investment in highways had been managed.

Councillor Dan Barrington, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said: “I’m delighted we’ve appointed the contractors to deliver this year’s highways improvement programme.

“They are all experienced firms with a long track record of delivery in the city region, and the local supply chain will benefit greatly from this investment.

“Some schemes will begin immediately and we know this will mean disruption but the long term gains for our communities will be worth it, with safer roads for everyone to use.

“In response to the Best Value report last year we’ve also radically changed how we evaluate our roads to ensure we invest in the right areas and that the contracts deliver the right results.

“Having a data-led, geo-based approach also ensures intelligence-led programming to avoid any clashes on the network and prevent longer journeys and more pollution.

“This will be our first year in adopting this new system so it won’t be perfect, but we will gain a huge amount of new data and evidence as we go along which help us to learn and improve the programme for next year.”

Michael Murray, Dowhigh Managing Director said “Dowhigh are delighted to have been awarded area North of Liverpool City Council’s Highway Investment Programme contract.”

The three year contract, one of the largest contracts won by Dowhigh in its over 45 year history, is due to commence in 2022 with an initial 13 locations:

  • Altcross Road
  • Townsend Road
  • Scarisbrick Crescent
  • Beversbrook Road
  • Dencourt Road
  • Durley Road
  • Glenbank Close
  • Sulby Avenue
  • UTC Commercial Road / Sandhills Lane
  • UTC Boundary Junction
  • East Lancs Road
  • Lower Lane
  • Everton Park Places to Ride