Dowhigh – proud to be supporting Ainsdale Horticultural Society as part of Ainsdale in Bloom

Ainsdale Memorial Garden – Pre Work Start

2024 is going to be a massive year for Ainsdale in Bloom who have been nominated in the RHS Britain in Bloom UK finals, a prestigious award and one which the village has never been nominated for previously.

Spearheaded by Brenda Porter, the group has big plans for Ainsdale and one of the projects which they are working on is the restoration of the iconic Ainsdale Memorial Garden.

Dowhigh and Brenda Porter have had a long and friendly relationship going all the way back to founder Dominic Murray, and the company has helped out Brenda and Ainsdale in Bloom many times in the past. That relationship has continued over the years and we’ve provided substrate and help in 2023 for smaller planters around the village.

When Brenda contacted us regarding the project of the Ainsdale Memorial Garden and asked if we could help we were pleased to continue our assistance.

On Tuesday 19th March, we provided the use of a dumper and digger, as well as two of our team (Barry and Joseph Barcas) to help with the clearing out of the plants around the memorial itself, in preparation for new plants and flowers to be planted. Sam Stewart who was on work experience with the business also gave them a hand!

Once cleared we took the spoil and and waste away to our recycling plant in Hawthorne Road, Bootle.

Ainsdale community champion Brenda Porter said: “I would like to say a massive thank you to Dowhigh who are giving their time and equipment to support the Ainsdale Horticultural Society and the refurbishment of the Ainsdale Memorial Garden.”

“The Ainsdale Horticultural Society who are also a part of Ainsdale in Bloom’s entry in the RHS Britain in Bloom UK Finals, representing Ainsdale, Sefton and the North West are very much appreciative for this support from Dowhigh.”

Kay Owen, Social Values at Dowhigh, “2024 is a massive opportunity for Ainsdale to be promoted through the RHS and Dowhigh are proud to continue our support of Brenda and her team of volunteers who do so much for the village.”

Trevor Murray, Dowhigh Director, “Providing assistance such as this shows how committed we are as a business to helping local community groups. We’ve got a long standing relationship with Brenda which goes way back to my father and we’re pleased to be able to continue to help Ainsdale with initiatives such as this.”

Everyone at Dowhigh wish Ainsdale Horticultural Society all the very best of luck for the awards later in the year!

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