As a respected business who actively work within local communities across the North West, Dowhigh have a history of delivering social and environmental impact in those places which we operate and work.

For over 40 years, our social impact has been a key factor in our business, and we have helped a wide range of local community charities and groups as well as other worthy causes across the area.

It’s an important part of our business to ensure that we recruit the very best people from within our industry as well as bringing in young people from within the area and provide the necessary training and experience to give them a career within civil engineering. 

With this in mind, Dowhigh have the following goals:

  1. To recruit and retain the best employees from within the North West area. 
  2. Working with and championing local community and charity groups which benefit the community and are in line with our own goals.
  3. Improving our business by becoming more green and ensuring that waste is reduced to a minimum and materials that can be recycled are reused wherever possible. 
  4. Helping other local businesses by dealing with local suppliers wherever possible. 
  5. Provide the necessary training to allow our employees to grow and improve, giving them the opportunities to have a career with an respected local business. 


Essential to our business is ensuring that we recruit and retain the best employees within the industry from the local communities in which we work. 

We also understand that providing the appropriate training is key to keeping our workforce safe as well as engaged – providing them with the opportunity to progress and develop new skills. 

100% of Dowhighs’ workforce consists of employees that live within the North West area, of which XX% live in the Liverpool area. Over XX% of our workforce have been directly employed by Dowhigh for more than 2 years. 


We are keen to invest on new talent and actively look for employees who are new to the industry and are looking for a career in civil engineering, and engage with local colleges and universities to find the right candidates for new roles.   

Whether employing apprentices to give them the relevant experience they need to develop within our industry, or taking graduates direct from university, Dowhigh are always on the look out for new employees with the hunger and desire to succeed within our industry. 

In the last year we’ve employed an additional apprentice and junior civil engineer. 


Dowhigh are invested in helping our local community by engaging with projects, charities and other local areas which need support. 

Since we formed in 1975, our impact on the community has always been important to us and we have worked with great partners who have made a real impact to people and places across the North West including: