Dowhigh - Our Sustainability Policy


Social Progress

Community Engagement

We will actively seek to engage with members of the local community for the duration of any project. We will endeavour to keep residents fully informed of works, which will affect their homes and impact their day-to-day lives.

We will make sure that as many people as possible have a say in the proposals, and will carry out all works with positive consideration to traders, businesses, pedestrians, shoppers and the general public.

We will conduct regular consultations regarding site activity from pre-contract to completion. Special attention is given to the needs of those with sight, hearing, and mobility difficulties.

Engaging Local Labour

We support the use of local labour wherever feasible, and the training of people for the construction industry. Our aim is to help improve local communities, address skills shortages within our industry and most importantly, give local people access to meaningful employment.

Local Training Initiatives

We endeavour to provide the opportunity of practical training for people who wish to pursue a career in construction.

Community Projects

We actively seek to get involved with a variety of community projects. This can be via residents or neighbourhood organisations or more direct contact with local voluntary and charitable organisations. Our contribution can take a variety of forms, from money and resources, to time and expertise.

Effective Protection of the Environment

During Project Delivery

We are 100% committed to protecting the environment, across every aspect of the construction process. Noise pollution is kept to a minimum and full consideration is given in the selection and use of local resources wherever possible.

We pay particular attention to waste management, the avoidance of pollution, the recycling of surplus materials, the avoidance of noise and the protection of trees, vegetation and wildlife.

Our sites are kept clean at all times, surplus materials are not allowed to accumulate or spill out into the surrounding environment.

Considerate Design

An integral part of our involvement in any project is to actively investigate sustainable construction opportunities.

As sustainability and the ecological impact of construction, in particular infrastructure projects, become of greater concern, we have embraced the principles of sustainability, and endeavoured to put its principles into practice across all of our activity .


Prudent Use of Natural Resources

Environmental protection forms an integral part of planning and procurement methods in undertaking construction and infrastructure projects.

We endeavour to continuously minimise the environmental damage of our works by actively selecting working methods and materials that asses the use of natural resources and the potential environmental impact.

Along with recycling all waste hardcore materials, we actively utilise environmentally friendly building and finishing materials and only use timber products sourced from sustainable forests.

Maintenance of Economic Growth and Employment

We are committed to the principles of best value, the benefits of which contribute to the overall growth of the economy and the increase in opportunities within the construction industry. We recognise the importance, and are committed to inward investment and the promotion of careers in the construction industry. We support the use of local labour and training of an experienced workforce for the construction industry.