Dowhigh - Corporate & Social Responsibilty

At Dowhigh, corporate and social responsibilties is at the heart of our business


We are committed to:

• Comply with, and endeavour to exceed, the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation

• Improvement of environmental performance to reduce impact

• Development of sustainable product and processes

• Encouraging suppliers to pursue best practice

• Identification and management of environmental risk

• Working with clients, customers and communities to pursue environmental best practice in the widest sense

Continual Progression

Just as we seek to continually improve our performance in health, safety and quality, we are committed to developing a positive environmental culture. This commitment and culture is actively driven by our management team, and implemented by all staff and associates who are involved with the day-to-day control of our processes and service standards.

As part of this we are currently looking to implement a company wide environmental audit to both examine and review our current environmental progression.

In addition we will continue to adopt best practice industry solutions in order to minimise the risk of all forms of pollution from our own operations wherever possible.

Alongside our existing quality accreditations, we have also commenced the development of an environmental management system. The system, which is based on ISO:14001, will form an integral part of our existing health, safety and quality management systems.

This system will be managed at board level and work in tandem with our established recycling division and existing sustainability plan.