To support residents within the communities we work, through local schemes that connect people, provide growth and improvements and contribute to their health and wellbeing. 

Dowhigh Limited have been established in the area of Netherton since 1975 and much of their workforce live in the surrounding communities.

As a company situated in an urban community, Dowhigh want to look at how they can best support their wider local community to improve the current environment and outcomes for the residents.

Dowhigh is a family business, and their intention is to set up a private foundation thus creating a legacy in honour of their founder, Dominick Murray. The foundation will be known as “The Dow Foundation” and will provide an amount of sponsorship to support a variety of charities, groups and individuals who can bid for a share of the bursary. All bids must meet the foundation’s criteria as set out below, to be put forward for consideration by the judging panel of board members. All bids put forward will be voted on in terms of their merit for longevity, numbers of recipients benefiting from the outcome(s) and the overall impact on or for the community.

Starting a private foundation would assist the company to support local communities to promote community activities that contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of the local population, thereby investing in the current and future workforce, supply chain and community cultures and traditions. 


We have strategic goals we are aiming to achieve with creating the Dow Foundation:

  • To reach as many of the community groups as possible to understand local needs
  • To assist to improve small areas of local growth for the majority
  • To promote and contribute to or in areas of health and wellbeing
  • To support educational gains for the community population
  • To support community groups to support themselves through sustainable projects


The areas of interest which The Dow Foundation will be focused on will be the improvement of community engagement, bringing communities together through multigenerational inclusive activities or resources, keeping people safe and reducing isolation and promoting and nurturing educational gains for people of any age focusing on identified needs of the local neighbourhoods, promoting the cooperative spirit of all age groups to participate. 


The Dow Foundation will go live in March 2022 when the business will promote the Foundation to the local community groups, charities and through our social media channels.

We will accept all proposals between March and April, with final proposal voting taking place in May. Funding would then be distributed in late May / early June.


  • We will only accept proposals from those communities which we work within – Liverpool and Sefton areas
  • Individual proposals must NOT exceed £5,000 in value (we are happy to accept total proposals which exceed this value where our sponsorship does not exceed £5,000)
  • The proposal must fulfil at least one of the Foundations’ goals as stated above


All bids put forward to Dowhigh Ltd. will be voted on in terms of their merit for longevity, numbers of recipients benefiting from the outcome/s and the overall impact on or for the community / communities.

The sponsorship will be issued annually to any community group / groups or individual / individuals that meet the funding criteria.