barford image gully dig out

Barford Road – Liverpool

Project Overview Week commencing 6th July drainage works began – breaking out gullies / installing new gullies and basing out Project Details Date: July 2020 Location: Liverpool, Merseyside Client: Liverpool City Council

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Braydon Close – Liverpool

Project Overview The programme of works has been to install override to Braydon Close –week commencing 22nd June excavating existing kerbs and laying new kerbs and edgings on both sides of the central grassed area began. And will be completed by Friday 10th July. Project Details Date: June / July 2020 Location: Liverpool, Merseyside Client:…

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Coastal Road Southport (update)

Project Overview Coastal road North Phase, shore  road to weld road, the ongoing installation of 3.5km new filter drain, pipe bedding, and type A and type B filter material. All designed to improve the drainage of both the land within the SSSI land, the discharge of the high tide and the carriageway surface water. Project…

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fine janes brook footpath installation by Dowhigh

Fine Janes Brook Southport

Project Overview The ongoing installation of a new 3m wide concrete footway /cycle ways. A length of 600m running behind the Southport Hospital, and connects Scarisbrick New Road and Town Lane. Project Details Date: Ongoing – June 2020 Location: Southport, Merseyside Client: Sefton Borough Council

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resurfacing footpaths and digging groundworks on the coastal road southport

Coastal Road Southport

Project Overview Part of the East / West Cycle Link for Sefton MBC, valued at approx. £1.7m, The Coastal Road works involve the removal of the existing filter material and installing over 3000m of 225mm dia pipe, within over 2000t of pipe bedding, over 8000t of Type B material wrapped in a terram 1000 matting,…

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Formby By-Pass Resurfacing

Project Overview Simon Broad, Site Supervisor and his team worked on a section of the Formby By-Pass located close to the traffic lights at Tesco (in-bound). Super flex higher PSV was used as this has a higher skid resistance and supports improved safer road structures for all motorists. Project Details Date: April 2020 Location: Formby,…

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Millers Lane, Bootle, Liverpool (bridge resurface, pot hole repair)

Project Overview The remit was to resurface the bridge to resolve the pot holes on both sides of the bridge. Super flex material was used as this is a harder wearing substance to support an improved safer road structure. Simon Broad site supervisor and his team completed this contract over 4 nights and as can…

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Palace Chemicals, Speke Boulevard

Project Overview The remit of the job was to resurface the yard area due to the ground being pitted with the constant use of the stacker trucks. Simon Broad, Site Supervisor designed the job and used Super flex as this is a harder material which, supports the constant use of the vehicles in and out…

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A565 Cambridge Road, Southport – Roundabout (Carriageway Inspection)

Project Overview A565 Cambridge Road Roundabout, junction with Park Crescent and Park Ave Following numerous attempts to rectify a depression within the carriageway over the years, Sefton MBC decided to find out once and for all why the carriageway kept sinking. In May 2015 Dowhigh where instructed to install a road closure to Park Avenue,…

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leckwith road groundworks

Groundworks – Leckwith Road, Bootle

Project Overview In September 2018, Dowhigh Ltd was tasked to replace defective concrete reinforced slabs deemed unrepairable, in total Dowhigh removed almost 40 separate slabs amounting to approximately 1100m2. Leckwith Road is the access road within a busy industrial estate, occupying business working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After thoroughly negotiating all…

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