Celebrating 25 years of service – way to go Ann!

Ann Bracken has been with Dowhigh for 25 years and we celebrated her fantastic achievement with a surprise lunchtime get together.

Michael and Trevor offered their personal congratulations to Ann on her 25 years on the job.  Stating that this kind of longevity in a job is a testament to Ann’s loyalty and dedication to Dowhigh Limited.

We look forward to another 25 years, well done Ann and thank you for all your hard work, commitment, support and enthusiasm.

Our resident poet (Trish) also presented Ann with the following ditty:

“Congratulations and lots of cheers
You have worked for Dowhigh for 25 years
You’ve had ups and downs laughs and strife
You deserve an award, it totals half of your life
Very well done Ann we wish you the best
And hope you continue with your usual zest”.

Congratulations and best wishes Ann from all your colleagues.