Dow Foundation Presentation

The Dow Foundation is a charitable foundation established in the memory of Dowhigh founder Dominick Murray. The Foundation was set up with the strategic aims to:

  • To reach as many of the community groups as possible to understand local needs
  • To assist to improve small areas of local growth for the majority
  • To promote and contribute to or in areas of health and wellbeing
  • To support educational gains for the community population
  • To support community groups to support themselves through sustainable projects

After approaching a range of local community groups as well as charitable organisations in the local communities in which we work, the Foundation received over 35 applications from worthwhile causes. The directors had a difficult decision to make, reviewing each of the applications on their merits.

After the final decisions were made, seven organisations were chosen to benefit.

The Foundation invited representatives from each of the groups to join us on the 19th May to receive their cheques at a lunchtime presentation at the Park Hotel in Bootle. In attendance were local MPs Peter Dowd (MP for Bootle) and Bill Esterson (MP for Central Sefton).

Derby Park Friends Group

Derby Park is the first and oldest Victorian Park in Sefton, it was presented to the people of Bootle by Lord Derby in 1895.

The Derby Park bowling green was an early addition to the Victorian park and the bowls club has since provided enduring, reassuring activity for the local community, now never more needed, as the community recovers from the impact of Covid.

The group needed to replace two badly damaged awnings to protect the teams and bowlers from the weather, as well as wooden furniture which has been damaged beyond repair.

After discussing their application with them, Dowhigh were pleased to offer the group a cheque for £500 to cover the purchase of four new benches, which Barbara Rouse accepted on behalf of the group.

In a double “bonus” for the Foundation, these four benches would be purchased through the Bootle Tool Shed – another local organisation which the Foundation is assisting through their sister company Bootle Bike Shop (see below)

Barbara Rouse receiving the cheque on behalf of Derby Park Friends Group from Michael and Trevor Murray

North West Cancer Research

Labcoat learning is an innovative programme of school outreach for ages 3 – 14 that gives children the knowledge and insight needed to make healthy life-choices for themselves and the confidence to adopt healthy behaviours throughout their lives.

The funding will enable us to deliver the project to an additional 250 children and young people in Liverpool and Sefton who would be able to participate in Labcoat Learning. This would have a significant impact on the future health of the region for generations to come.

Cancer research holds a special place for many members of the Dowhigh team, and we were pleased to award North West Cancer Research with a cheque for £4,900 which was accepted by Cara Newton.

Cara Newton receiving the cheque on behalf of North West Cancer Research from Michael and Trevor Murray

Abigail Cowie

Abigail is a 13 year old student at Formby High School who lives in Ainsdale.

Abigail will be participating in a expedition to Borneo in 2024, a four week trip which will include community development work, environmental projects and wildlife conservation.

Diagnosed with autism only recently, it’s Abigail’s goal to prove that being autistic isn’t a barrier to helping others and that she is just as capable as anyone else and can achieve anything if she sets her mind to it.

Abigail was looking for funding for her trip as well as to make essential purchases such as walking boots, a rucksack, sleeping bag and more.

The Director’s felt that Abigail’s cause was an inspirational request and were pleased to provide £350 to her in support of her cause.

We wish Abigail all the very best for her expedition and will be keeping in contact with her in the run-up to her leaving as well as when she is away.

Abigail Cowie receiving her cheque from Michael and Trevor Murray on behalf of the Dow Foundation

Bootle Bike Shop

The Bootle Shop is an independent project run by the Bootle Tool Shed. They receive unwanted bikes from the public and repair them for sale in their own shop. Their long term aim is to train the next generation of bike mechanics.

The project has proven to be a much-needed service to families on low income that would have otherwise have to go without.

In the current climate, many people are now using cycling as a more cost-effective way to get about, especially people on zero hour contracts. Utilising their skills, the bike shop provide bikes cheap or even in some cases free to families and people who cannot afford cycles.

The donation made to the Bike Shop of £300 will help them buy essential equipment for training and cycle repairs.

Bootle Bike Shop – a worthwhile recipient of funds from the Dow Foundation

Pensioner’s Saturday Club

The Pensioner’s Saturday Club are a local group of people who support the older generation in their local community to become engaged in local activities to reduce social isolation and encourage participation with others, supporting individuals physical and mental health through a range of activities.

The club currently support over 50 pensioners and are looking to build on the current facilities to expand the monthly luncheon to more seniors in the community.

This is another organisation which is close to Dowhigh and one we’ve been providing support to for some time.

The Dow Foundation has provided a grant for £760.00 to cover a year’s financial costs which the Club incurs such as heating, lighting, food and petrol.

Brenda Mellor accepting a cheque on behalf of the Pensioner’s Saturday Club from Michael and Trevor Murray

Cash For Kids

At Radio City’s Cash For Kids, their mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in our communities who are affected by illness, poverty, neglect or have additional needs.

They are currently focusing on supporting families with essentials such as food, clothing and bills. They are working closely with schools, social workers and community groups who have expressed significant concern for the young people they work within who are in desperate need who do not know where else to turn to for support.

Cash for Kids is a fantastic charity who do sterling work in the area, and the Dow Foundation were pleased to offer Hayley Smallman from the charity a cheque for £700 towards their cause.

Representatives from Cash For Kids accepting a cheque for £700 from Michael and Trevor Murray

Freshfield Animal Rescue

The rescue centre has a hub which is used for a range of community activities, however has limited access for those in wheelchairs or have mobility issues.

The goal is to provide equal opportunity for all people to connect with animals to achieve mutual well-being and positive, lasting change.

Their proposal is to gain support to complete an access path to the hub and unlock the full benefits of this to everyone. They will literally create a path to opportunities for social and personal well-being for an additional 40 people every year of all ages, abilities and backgrounds through the unifying subject of animal care.

Dowhigh are pleased to confirm that we will be providing the equipment and manpower to build the path to the hub which is approximately 30m by 2m.

Representatives from Freshfield Animal Rescue Centre who the Dow Foundation will be assisting with an access path to their hub

We would like to thank all of the representatives who attended and we’ll be providing updates throughout the year from each one!