Dowhigh – Supporting The L30 Community Centre

Dowhigh Limited – supporting the L30 Community Centre’s Christmas Events. At Dowhigh, we believe that supporting our local communities that promote community activities which contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of residents to be a worthwhile cause. As part of our corporate social responsibility, it’s our mission to ensure that, through a range of events we play both a pivotal and positive role in the local communities in which we work. We believe that by becoming more involved within our community and giving something back creates positive change – improving the lives of those involved. As Christmas time approaches, we’ve been meeting a range of local groups and schools in the community to discuss their festive approach in supporting residents and their families, and the ways in which Dowhigh can contribute. The groups are engaged in providing various events which will benefit residents over this period and Dowhigh have agreed to participate with as many events as possible. One local group which we’ve joined with is the L30 Community Centre, which are running six events between the 27th November and the 29th December, and as part of continued local commitment we’ve agreed to participate in all events. Dowhigh will be working with the L30 Community Centre to help promote the events via our own social media platforms and the L30’s own Facebook page #localcommunity #netherton