Good Causes – Netherton Community Gardens

Dowhigh recently helped out Netherton Community Garden by providing 07160Kg planings to assist with path access.

We got a great response from the co-ordinator Pauline Gillett!

Many Thanks again for the road planings, it kept 6 of us very busy in the garden last Thursday.

Our pathways were overgrown and the old bark had rotted and was covered in weeds. We’ve spent this winter clearing them and renewing the bark chips but when a donation of floor grid matting arrived we knew this was ideal for increasing accessibility for wheelchair and mobility aid users.

There are a huge variety of people come through our gates to volunteer, buy fresh fruit and veg or just to enjoy the greenspace. We can now welcome them all without worrying about costly repairs or about health and safety issues.

The next steps are to increase infrastructure; water pipe extension, solar power installation and secure retail space. We open on Saturdays in April.

Our volunteers are committed and excited about our change into a sustainable garden centre retail environment and have held the garden in high regard, many having been with the project since its start 5 years ago.

We look forward to working with you again soon.

Many Thanks

Pauline Gillett