Coastal Road Southport

Client: Sefton Council
Completion Date: September 2020 (Phase 2)
Duration: 5 months across 2 phases
Location: Coastal Road, Southport, Merseyside

Project Overview

Part of the East / West Cycle Link for Sefton MBC, valued at approx. £1.7m, The Coastal Road works involve the removal of the existing filter material and installing over 3000m of 225mm dia pipe, within over 2000t of pipe bedding, over 8000t of Type B material wrapped in a terram 1000 matting, with 2000t of Type A filter material layed over the top before a 35mm permeable recycled KBI material is layed over the top. Over 2200 timber posts will be lifted and repositioned / replaced.

Localised areas of the footway will be reconstructed adopting a root barrier material, designed to prevent vegetation growing through the footway.

The South Phase started on the 18th May and will be completed by Friday the 3rd July

The North Phase started on the 1st June and with a programmed completion date of the 4th September.

We aim to recycle as much material previously used within the existing filter material, and screen / clean the material to meet the designed Type A and Type B filter material.

Coastal road North Phase, Shore Road to Weld Road, the ongoing installation of 3.5km new filter drain, pipe bedding, and type A and type B filter material.

All designed to improve the drainage of both the land within the SSSI land, the discharge of the high tide and the carriageway surface water.