Ropewalks Phase 2 – St Peters Square

Client: Liverpool City Council
Completion Date: January 2000
Duration: 3 years
Location: Liverpool, Merseyside

St Peter’s Square was an integral part of the Ropewalks Phase Two contract. This particular section of Ropewalks was originally called the ‘nun’s garden’ but was incorporated as part of the new BDP office which is located in the adjacent courtyard.

All the pavings utilised on this scheme was imported from France as ‘French hard limestone paving’ for its colour and non slip performance.

The steps and paved areas surrounding the square were constructed with Flamed Yorkstone paving, which was treated by Marshalls PLC to suit the requirements of the Landscape Architect, BDP.

The trees were set out on a curvature similar to the paving alignment, and the chunky street furniture was made specifically for the scheme in bronze lined sections.

Bespoke street lighting providing both uplighters and downlighters provide a scheme which is both directional and specific to the areas surrounding the trees and paving alignment thus giving both a spotlight effect and a general overview of artificial illumination.