Asc: Term Maintenance Contract

Client: Sefton MBC
Completion Date: 2011
Duration: Term Contract, 24/7 52 weeks p.a.
Location: Sefton, Liverpool, Merseyside

The Sefton ASC7 contract was initially set up as a DSO based annual contract which was exclusively operated by Sefton’s own internal workforce.

When the contract was eventually awarded to Dowhigh Ltd it was done so on a partnered basis whereby an open book approach was adopted providing clarity in terms of rates and methodology.

The works undertaken as part of the contract conditions include a 24/7 emergency call out procedure, patching of roads, footways, car parks etc with both bituminous products and paving flags.

Also, included in the contract was footway constructions, carriageway machine lay surfacing, priority and zonal maintenance, recycling of kerb and concrete waste products.

The contract involves direct computer links between Sefton M.B.C. and Dowhigh’s head office providing instant access to contract information, demand and emergency work and has a facility to correlate contract information for the monthly valuation which is uploaded to Sefton M.B.C.

In order to achieve additional cost savings for the client, Dowhigh introduced foamix as an alternative to traditional base and binder course in the carriageway and offered a £2/tonne saving back to Sefton Council. During the life of the contract we have continually strived for performance improvements in the way we have managed the works associated with this contract, this has manifested itself by the performance targets that we continually improve upon; we currently achieve a 98.5% response to all works issued either on an emergency or a standard response basis.

As part of our ongoing quality objectives, all aspects of the Term Maintenance contract are covered by our Q.A. system.

This is significant in terms of our own testing and measurement regime which allows us to verify products, test materials, check on construction depths, confirm specification data and provide specific material component information for the benefit of the client.

These quality issues provide the client with data which is beyond the original contract expectations and enhances our ability to provide a best value and innovative approach to the contract.