Dallam & Bewsey Phase 2 Public Realm Improvements – Warrington

Client: Warrington Borough Council
Completion Date: 2018
Duration: 6 months
Location: Longshaw Street & Hawleys Lane, Warrington

Contract to provide upgraded public realm on Longshaw Street and Hawley Lane, including:

Site clearance of existing road kerbs, drainage channels, guardrails, and footway paving. Install new drainage connections, and road gullies. Installation of ductwork for service connections. Provide new conservation kerbs & paving flags to footways. Provide tactile paving at pedestrian crossings. Also lay flexible footpaths.

Plane off existing carriageway surfacing and lay new Hot Rolled Asphalt carriageway & install new road markings. Install traffic calming measures  / speed cushions. Provision of traffic management.

Construct new car parking adjacent to Dallam Rugby club, including Golpa paving units. Install precast concrete road kerbs, filter drain and timber fencing to perimeter of car park.