Long Lane Corridor B5187

Client: Liverpool City Council
Completion Date: 2019
Duration: 10 months
Location: Long Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside

The carriageway resurfacing project spanned across road, including; Leyfield Road, Town Row, West Derby Village, Almonds Green, Lorenzo Drive, Parthenon Drive and a section of Long Lane totalling over 4km.

The works included; planing to varying depths up to 200mm, concrete slab treatment, drainage investigation works, replacement of over 120 back box gullies, numerous gully branch repairs, laying of 100mm Dowfoam, 60mm binder and 50mm HRA, Bus Stop upgrades and relining the final surface.

The works were performed from 3rd Jan 2019 through to the 4th October, and was delivered on time as per the programme, working operations were performed as per the LCC Traffic Management’s requests, therefore works were performed during; Monday to Friday 9:30am to 3:30pm, weekends and nights.

The site required; Site Manager Robin O’Mahoney, Site Supervisor Dave Vaughan, Site Engineer Dan Powell, 2 Drainage teams, 1 civils team, a planing crew and a surfacing crew.