Customer Feedback – Manchester City Council

We recently received some great feedback from Steve Robinson from Manchester City Council for work completed for the council.

Dear Michael, 

I wanted to write to thank you, your company and your teams for all the resurfacing work you have done in Manchester in the last 12 months.  At the beginning of the Covid situation we decided to increase our work using the lower traffic volumes rather than follow other Councils and stop work but we could not have succeeded in that without your help.  We know how difficult it was to constantly adapt to the changing challenges of Covid and keep everyone safe.  Paul and his team tell me your company resurfaced 37 roads, a total of 60,907sq.m and 21 footway schemes totalling 37,799sq.m.  

On behalf of Manchester City Council I wanted to record our sincere appreciation of the remarkable efforts of your teams, who in my view went over and above what could have been expected of them. Please do share our thanks with your teams. 


Steve Robinson
Director of Highways
Manchester City Council

Our thanks go to Steve for this wonderful feedback from the whole of the Dowhigh team!