Kensington Fields Community Association (KFCA)

A BIG thank you to Sue Robinson & Myra Gilbertson of the KFCA who we met on the 5th May.

We’d recently fixed some potholes at the entrance to the car park which had been causing problems, and Sue and Myra kindly gave us a tour of the building and an insight into some of the work which the KFCA do to help people in the local area.

From giving children a safe space to play (both inside and out), offering pensioners meals to providing a low cost community pantry for those families suffering severe financial hardship, it was truly inspiring to see what can be done by people who have a genuine passion to help their communities.

A great community space (a bit like the Tardis – it looks a lot smaller on the outside than what it is!) with a stunning function room, it really is another great organisation in the Liverpool area which Dowhigh are happy to support.

From the Dowhigh team, we’d like to congratulate on the work you do! #kfac #kensington #liverpool #support #happytohelp